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What challenges do the countries of North Africa face today?

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Some challenges faced by North Africa today include: poverty, poor education, violence, poor health, hunger, low economic growth rate, sustainable agriculture, access to financing, and hunger.
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What is a comparison of Spanish and English colonies?

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From what i read,spanish were much more cruel towards aborigenes than english,but somehow they were much better taken among them anyway!
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Has a human ever been mailed via the United States Postal Service?

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Actually, yes. Shortly after parcel post was introduced in the early 1900s, several parents sent their small children though the mail. This was done with the help of sympathetic postal workers, most commonly over short distances in rural areas. And it was cost effective—in 1913, it cost just 15 cents to mail an 8-month-old baby to his grandmother. Before you get any big ideas, though, know that the fun came to an end in 1920 when the postmaster general officially outlawed sending people through the mail. How lame.
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Who was Anna Kreisling?

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IMO 'Anna Kreisling' is totally fictional. No mention of her in Zegenhagen's 2007 Ph.D. thesis on German aviatrices and Zegenhagen always appeared extremely well-informed on aviation personalities to me. That's particularly surprising because Kreisling (allegedly) was a Flugkapit?n, i.e. high-profile professional aviator. Requirements for Flugkapit?n were hard to meet for men, almost impossible for women of the time. You had to be older than 30 years with at least 8 years in aviation and 5 years in air transportation plus a completed 500.000 flight kilometers as a pilot. Even Hanna Reitsch and Countess von Stauffenberg received the title only ad honorem, not for fullfilling the requirements.
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What is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

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"Back to the Vedas" is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Swarajya, Swadeshi and Go-raksha for better and sound economy were other slogans given by the Swami
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Where was Judaism founded?

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In the holy land where Jesus lived too-contemporary Israel!
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Why do we call 12 p.m. noon?

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The nickname dates back to the Roman Empire, believe it or not. The Romans had a pretty interesting timekeeping system, dividing the day into four chunks of three hours beginning at 6 a.m. The ninth hour (3 p.m.) was called None and signaled the start of the last section of the day. Over time, the church rituals that happened at None began earlier and earlier (maybe because monks could end their fasts after those rituals). The rest of the story is pretty murky, but at least partially due to these ever-earlier prayers, “noon” meant “midday” by the middle of the 13th century.
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Where can you find an Irish history timeline from 1700 to 1900?

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For a timeline of the history of Ireland that begins in 10,000 BC, please go to the rootsweb.com link to the right. 'Irish History Links' also provides a detailed timeline for this period. You can find a comprehensive Timeline of Irish history on Wikipedia. The BBC offers a Timeline of Key Events in Northern Irish history... Here's a concise Irish History Timeline from 10,000 BC/BCE to 1998 AD/CE... 10,000 BC Earliest settlers arrived in Ireland in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age period The first settlers crossed by land bridge from Scotland 600-150 B.C. - Celtic tribes settled on the island 100 BC Arrival of the Gaels 432 AD - Arrival of St. Patrick to help convert pagan Irish Gaelic Kings to Christianity 800 Ireland attacked by Viking Norsemen 920 Vikings established settlements at Limerick 940 Brian Boru was born who was the son of a leader of one of the royal free tribes of Munster Brian Boru defeated Vikings in 999 1167 Arrival of Normans at Baginbun in Co. Wexford which initiated the struggle between the English and the Irish Reign of Rory O'Connor who was the last native High King of Ireland (1166-1175) The Statutes of Kilkenny of 1388 forbade Irish/
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Why did doctors wear bird like face masks?

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Mainly it was because when they were handing out potions, medicines, if the patient had a medical reaction to the medicine they could have a chance of catching an illness or at the worst, death. They wore masks to hide identity, so they werent a known man in the area, also so they didnt lose business. Another theory is that they wore the masks because it was widespread that birds spread the plague and if they wore it, this would direct the plague to the mask, away from the victim. Best answer I have thanks. For some time, including around the time of the Black Plague, the long "beaks" of the bird masks would be stuffed with spices and incense, which was thought to fulfil two purposes - firstly and most importantly, it would cover the stench of death and disease, and some wearers thought that by wearing it they were warding off the diseases.
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Did Abraham Lincoln have any kids?

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Yes, 3 boys. His oldest, Robert, was a Union officer during the civil war and his youngest son, Todd, died while Lincoln was President. The boys had a pet goat they kept in the White House and would use a cookie sheet to slide down the stars from the second floor to the first.
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What historical event happen since 1989?

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The berlin wall was tooken down on November, 9th I believe.
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What are court chronicles?

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Accounts written by scholars about the kingdoms in which they lived were called court chronicles.
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What was an important trade in Flanders?

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In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the English wool trade was primarily with Flanders (where wool was made into cloth, primarily for sale via the Champagne fairs into the Mediterranean basin), and was dominated by Flemish merchants.
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Who was the last king or queen of Brazil?

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The Last Emperor of Brazil was Pedro II, a monarch for exactly 58 years and 222 days(1831-1889). He first started his reign on the 7th of April 1831 and died on the 15 of November 1889. He was married to Teresa Cristina of the two Sicilies. His successor was Isabel, Princess Imperial.
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What is Drake's Folly?

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A grocer, soldier and congressman, he was born and raised in Titusville, Pa., the western Pennsylvania farm town where Col. Edwin Drake sank an oil well in 1859. “Drake's Folly,” it was called, but it was soon producing 25 barrels of oil a day, the opening page in America's dependence on oil.
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When did shipbuilding start?

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Shipbuilding: 1800–Present. From the 19th century onwards, ships began to be built from iron and steel.
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Why did Cai Lun invent paper?

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In ancient times writings and inscriptions were generally made on tablets of bamboo or on pieces of silk called chih. But silk being costly and bamboo heavy, they were not convenient to use. Tshai Lun [Cai Lun, Tsai Lun] then initiated the idea of making paper from the bark of trees, remnants of hemp, rags of cloth, and fishing nets. He submitted the process to the emperor in the first year of Yuan-Hsing [+105] and received praise for his ability. From this time on, paper has been in use everywhere and is sometimes referred to as 'the paper of Marquis Tshai'.
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Did Anna Kreisling fly Hitler out of Berlin?

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yes he did i dont care what you say he did i have evedince and extremely good reason say that to "hitlers" bones where the dna test said 29 year old female
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What year was Platonism founded?

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Platonism was born exactly in 399 B.C. in a prison cell in Athens in an evening, when the 28 year old Plato wept over the drinking of poison by his master in that prison. Then after travelling for twelve years through Egypt, Sicily, Italy, Judea and India he returned to Athens in 387 B.C. Forty years old and tamed. It was then that Platonism was formally founded.
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When is a woman at her weakest point?

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In my opinion a woman is at her weakest point when she is physically attacked by offenders for molestation or rape bid without any one to by her side to extend helping hand. The physical and mental trauma she had to undergo due to her weak sex, only the victims can give vivid description. Even when a woman loses her husband,siblings or dearest ones,it is the tragic sequence of her helplessness but not weakest point.
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What was the purpose of the US Sanitary Commission?

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to improve sanitary conditions for soldiers. They set up hospitals trains and ships to move wounded soldiers from the battlefield
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Is Chinese New Year a religious festival?

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No, Chinese new year has the same meaning as the international new year on 1st January, but based on a traditional Chinese calender instead of a modern international calendar. So for each year, the Chinese new year dates are different. Chinese New Year is more of a Chinese festival using traditional Chinese customs and beliefs; and not anything directly to do with religious elements. Just take it literally: it is just Chinese's New Year. Other races will have their own New Years using their own traditional calendars i.e. Malays.
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Why did Southern farmers oppose AAA programs?

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Southern farmers opposed the Agricultural Adjustment Act because it reduced crop surplus so it could effectively raise the value of crops, because of that, a portion of their fields were left uncultivated. The money for these subsidies was made through an exclusive tax on companies which processed farm products.

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