Freshwater Fish

Do fish drink water?

Fresh water fish absorb water through their skin and gills, saltwater fish actually do drink water. In saltwater fish, they have to drink because their body's c...
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Personal Hygiene

Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night?

I prefer to shower at night because then I wash off all the sweat from the day and get into bed feeling clean and comfy.


Why do we blow out candles on birthday cakes?

This tradition has murky origins, but some believe it can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. They would put candles on round, moon-shaped cakes to pay tribut...
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Books and Literature

Does listening to an audiobook count as reading it?

I guess I disagree with most of the other answers. Listening to audiobook in my opinion absolutely does count as reading it. I believe as a listener I get mor...
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What is the ‘Batman Effect’?

The “Batman Effect” is a strategy used to motivate children and improve their perseverance by having them adopt the persona of their favorite superhero or other...
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What was the first sports movie to win an Oscar?

The first sports movie to win any kind of Oscar was 1931's The Champ, which centers on a washed-up, down-on-his-luck boxer hoping to make a comeback. It actuall...
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Elections and Voting

How can I vote early?

Most states allow registered voters to cast their ballots before Election Day. However, the rules for early voting vary from state to state, so you’ll need to c...
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Subjective Questions

In 40 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

Any kind of privacy. And also polar bears.


What was the first game played in space?

Tetris was the first video game played in space—Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr A. Serebrov took his Game Boy with him on his 1993 mission to the MIR Space Station,...
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English Alphabet History

What is the dot above the lowercase 'i' and 'j' called?

My friend, you are in for a treat: That tiny little dot is, I kid you not, called a tittle. It comes from the Latin word titulus, which means inscription or hea...
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Why do people hate Comic Sans?

Comic Sans was originally developed by typographer Vincent Connare in 1994 to pair with a cartoon dog that helped folks navigate the Microsoft Windows interface...
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Glasses and Eyewear

Do blue light blocking glasses really work?

Because the product is relatively new, there isn’t a lot of definitive research on the subject. According to most advertisements, the benefits of blue light blo...
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Skin Care

Can you get sunburned in the shade?

Yes, because it’s actually the UV radiation, not the sunlight, that damages your skin. Although the shade offers some protection, it does not block UV rays enti...
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What are the dog days of summer?

In modern times, the dog days of summer refer generally to July and August in the Northern Hemisphere—the hottest, muggiest, most miserable days of the year. ...
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Guinness World Records

What is the toughest academic course according to the Guinness Book of World Records 2011?

The Guinness Book of World Records does not rank toughness of courses.Recently Facebook users have been posting statuses bragging that their field of study in c...
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Chicken Meat
Food & Cooking

Why do so many foods "taste like chicken"?

There are a few theories about why different meats are often compared to chicken. One explanation is that chicken is generally more bland than other meats, maki...
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Who invented Lincoln Logs?

Lincoln Logs were invented by John Lloyd Wright. Name sound familiar? John was the son of arguably the world’s most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He go...
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How did chickenpox get its name?

There are many explanations offered for the origin of the name chickenpox:Samuel Johnson suggested that the disease was "less dangerous", thus a "chicken" versi...
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Internet Slang

What is doomscrolling?

Doomscrolling is a relatively new term for when you're stuck scrolling through bad news on your phone—even though you might want to, you just can't look away. ...
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How did the Wiffle Ball get its name?

When you consider the fact that the Wiffle Ball was created to curve like crazy, the origin’s clear: It’s a play on the word “whiff,” which is what the poor sap...
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School Subjects
Primary and Elementary School

Do schools still teach cursive writing?

In 2010, the Common Core Standards Initiative removed the requirement that cursive be taught in public elementary schools. It made sense given the rise in compu...
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Chickens and Roosters

Can eggs break inside a chicken?

Yes, eggs can break inside a hen, and it can actually be quite dangerous. Egg yolk peritonitis is a serious condition that can occur when egg matter is trapped ...
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Books and Literature

Why do books come out in hardback first?

A few reasons. One, hardback books carry historic prestige, as they were the only way you could get a book until the 1930s, when inexpensive (and often pocket-s...
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