Did Team Trees meet their goal?

I remember every YouTuber under the sun supporting it, but I don't think I ever heard what the final tally ended up being. Also, did those trees actually get planted?

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Kelton Conroy
April 20, 2020 6:26PM

Team Trees, the initiative to raise $20 million to go toward planting trees started by YouTuber MrBeast, is actually still active. Even though they're not actively campaigning anymore, the website is still up, and they're still taking donations to be forwarded on to the Arbor Day Foundation. They hit their goal in December 2019, and the current total is upwards of $21.8 million.

The Arbor Day foundation has a detailed list of where those trees are going (they partner with sites all over the world) and when they'll be planted. They plan on planting all 20 million of those trees by December 2022.

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